Real Stories of Rescue

These are stories from people around the world “saved” out of the mystical-miraclemolly_watson_photography_cleveland_photographer_allardale04 movement and supported by our Defining Deception team. We’d love to hear from you. If you’re willing to share your story of “rescue” please use the comment form below.

“I’m an ORU grad, and former Methodist. My church started introducing the Brownsville revival footage right before I graduated high school to go to ORU. I was there when Richard Roberts was at the helm. My husband and I were very oppressed by Word of Faith teaching on tithing, seed faith, and speak things into existence. We were never content with our lot in life, and we were always sowing into ministries (700 Club, Perry Stone, Rod Parsely) on top of tithing. All the while we were going deeper into debt. We were set free after watching a “Wretched” video by Todd Friel on YouTube of a pastor calling out a self-appointed prophetess. That led us to a video of John MacArthur rebuking Joel Osteen. We were hooked. We watched sermon after sermon of John MacArthur, which prepped us just in time for his Strange Fire Conference. The Lord had graciously prepared our hearts to receive that message, and draw us both to deep repentance. We are so humbly grateful for the faithful ministry of John MacArthur, Phil Johnson, Justin Peters, Steve Lawson, James White, Chris Rosebrough, Todd Friel, Alistair Begg, RC Sproul, David Platt, Mike Abendroth, and so many more! Most of all, to Jesus for His mercy in saving us! Now, my husband is a fervent student of the Word of God, and is currently helping with biblical counseling in our Bible church here in Oklahoma.” –Amy, 38, Tulsa, Oklahoma

“My academic background is philosophy and theology. How did I end up in a Word of Faith church? Sadly, I suffer from depression. I had been involved for years in Charismatic churches. During one dark period of my life my mood took a nosedive and I ended up in a very vulnerable place. My wife and I got an invitation to a Word of Faith church and in my fragile mental state I became convinced that they had the answer to my mental health problems. I could speak the Bible out into my life and command by mind to be well. The trouble is – the health & wealth theology doesn’t deliver. It didn’t work for me, and it didn’t work for an elder in that church who ended up dying of cancer – a physical and spiritual wreck. After witnessing some ugly spiritual abuses and manipulation we left that church after two years. Gradually my mental health returned as I began to see the fullness of the true gospel again. God guided me to the work of men such as Justin Peters, and I have since felt a calling to challenge Word of Faith doctrine wherever it raises its ugly head.” –Stephen, 39, Belfast, Ireland

“In 2014, I became a shut-in due to a medical condition. It was then that I came upon recordings of John MacArthur’s “Strange Fire”, Justin Peter’s “Clouds Without Water” series, and Ray Comfort’s “Hell’s Best Kept Secret.” God not only delivered me out of fourteen years of false conversion, He systematically delivered me from every false teaching that I had been deceived by such as: Word of Faith, Health & Wealth/Prosperity Gospel, mysticism, and a few others. In a providential way, God used my affliction to keep me shut in and away from my doctrinally corrupt church. Two years later, a quick and unexpected move to a different city placed me close to a wonderfully biblical church. As I write this testimony, my Geneva Bible rests beside me. If it were not for God’s mercy, I would be still deceived and most likely reading the Joyce Meyer Bible. Praise the Lord!” –Pamela, 43, Ontario, Canada

“My husband and I did not grow up in Christian households and had few Christian friends. When God opened our eyes and saved us, we both had come to faith in Jesus by reading the scriptures alone at home. We certainly didn’t have a mature understanding of the Bible but believed in Jesus and were compelled to be baptized. We began attending a charismatic church, and kept reading our Bibles diligently. Soon, as we witnessed excessive scripture-twisting tactics, we knew it was time to leave. At first, it shipwrecked our young faith because we couldn’t understand why the teaching and practice didn’t match the scriptures. For sometime, we couldn’t step foot into another church again. Eventually my husband introduced me to R.C Sproul and Ligonier Ministries. From there, our lives were changed forever. We found a biblically faithful church soon after and have never looked back!” –Sylvia, 27, Melbourne, Australia

“I was “saved” at 16 years of age and baptized by a Pentecostal preacher, a woman, in her bathtub. She was the mother of my step-mother. This family had get-togethers where they prophesied to each other and I was always pressured to seek the “baptism of the Holy Spirit.” I prayed, begged, pleaded and pretty much everything but stand on my head. I spent years in condemnation and questioning my faith. I finally just gave up. I am so thankful that God did not allow me or my husband to stay in our ignorance. My journey out of the WOF/NAR/Prosperity movement started with a Jay Adams book, which led to Voddie Baucham sermons online, which led to John MacArthur online, including “Strange Fire”, and many other Biblical teachers. After a long search, we are now members of a Reformed Baptist church. After so many years of being told to get my mind out of the way and listening to what I call “cotton candy” messages; all sugar, no sustenance, it is refreshing to hear the “meat” of the Word week in and week out.” –Tami, 51, Willis, Texas

I was raised in a non-denominational church that thrived on health and wealth theology. Speaking things into existence was what it was all about! Our pastor got a new Porsche every spring and had deacons appointed to keep church members from talking to him after the services. My father was one of his deacons for a while but we left the church after a while. I discovered John MacArthur and Justin Peters through my new pastor in our Baptist church. Unfortunately, my father is still following teachers like Creflo Dollar, Jesse Duplantis, and many others. Some of my best friends are really big followers of Benny Hinn and Kenneth Copeland and one has sadly become an “Apostle.” My wife and I wasted a lot of time and money on deceptive theology but we are thankful to be walking in truth now.” –Clint, 27, Texarkana, Texas

“I wasn’t connected to a traditional church. I was a part of a house church movement.  The teachings were closely related to that of the New Apostolic Reformation. The idea was that we could experience miracles like instantaneous healing or even raise the dead if we “prayed in the Spirit” long enough.  Everyone was supposed to prophecy and receive extra biblical revelation.  I was made to feel as though I was not growing in the Lord if I didn’t have a revelatory dream or prophetic word.  It caused me to manufacture prophetic words that I thought were from the Lord.  It wasn’t until I didn’t get the healing I desired that I began to question why we didn’t look like the church as it was described in scripture. Soon I realized that my beliefs, and our supposed church was a mockery. After that I became alone and lonely. I cried out to God for truth – I begged Him. Providentially, I came across a Paul Washer sermon and my life changed completely. Shortly after that eye-opening moment, God provided a doctrinally sound church that has been a great blessing to me.” –Yolanda, 32, Raeford, North Carolina

“In 2003, I was a teen who began getting involved in a Word of Faith church. We practiced things such as tongues, healing, prosperity, and stayed in it until 2010. Many confusing things occurred that were awkward during my time there. After the pastor passed away, the church went downhill from there with his wife leading the church. Many services were full of things are found nowhere in the Bible like holy laughter for the entirety of a service instead of preaching, to tongues that were just people repeating the phrase, “Hot dog, hot dog.” I ended up leaving there to go in the Army and over the course of five years, I abandoned those practices. After leaving the Army in 2015, I began studying God’s word and He opened my eyes to truth. I have many family members still caught up in the Word of Faith movement.” –Mark, 25, Gardner, Massachusetts

“I got saved at a hip charismatic church. Besides forgiveness of sins, we were taught that Jesus died for our health and abundant life; that we needed to tithe, give, serve and speak only positive words in order to be blessed. One failed marriage later, I began to wonder why my life wasn’t bearing much good fruit. The pastoral couple had a TV show, preached sermons on relationships and sex, but were hardly available to counsel. Blaming myself, I resolved to follow Jesus even more fervently, which lead me straight into a heavily NAR-influenced congregation. They taught that we would be outside of God’s will if we failed to follow directions revealed only to our “prophetic” elders. Something didn’t feel quite right. It was time to change strategies. So, I actually open the Bible and seek out the truth concerning biblical teachers. Pirate Christian Radio was a huge blessing to my growth. After a brief disillusionment, I abandoned the “different gospel” (Galatians 1:6) I had followed.” –Daniela, 43, Gig Harbor, Washington

“My husband and I were saved out of the charismatic and Word of Faith movement 7 years ago. The Lord used Ray Comfort’s “good person cartoon” to present the gospel to me and I repented and believed. Then my husband and I started listening to Todd Friel, who then led us to John MacArthur and RC Sproul. From there, we began to understand theological truths more than ever before. In the years that have followed, God has continued to grow us in His truth and we have been trying to reach those and still in the Word of Faith movement.” –Callie, 33, Bonham, Texas

One thought on “Real Stories of Rescue

  1. I am a Musician from Mumbai India, I was never in the Word of Faith Movement or the Charismatic movement. Infact I was raised in a presbyterian Church and as I grew older joined a Fundamental Baptist type Church. However I used to watch a lot of faith prosperity preachers and Television Preachers, such as Andrew Wommack, Joyce Meyer, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland. I had my mind influenced with a lot of junk. However to make the long story short I ended up so confused that I almost began to lose faith in God. As time progressed I was introduced to Reformed teachers such as RC Sproul, John MacArthur, Justin Peters and many others and gradually much of my confusion ended.Today I have a solid faith because of Sound Teaching which has answered so many questions. Now I can rest in Gods providence. A large part of my extended family are all trapped in this false movement. Many relationships ended due to my Reformed Understanding. and made more critics. But God is faithfull I have Sanity of Mind which I never had when I flirted with Word of Faith movement which ios like the Trojan Horse. My Prayer is that God would help me open peoples eyes to the false Charismatic Movement and Word of Faith Theology.
    Sushil Melville
    Mumbai India

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